U.S.  $17.95    I    Teachers & Librarians: Special Pricing    I    Hardcover    I    40 Pages    I    11.5" x 9"    I    ISBN# 978-0-9906051-0-2


Cutie's Alphabellies 

A Cute & Colorful ABC Children's Picture Book

Go on a playful adventure through 26 alphabet themed lessons, with the Alphabelly Animals, on how to be Oh So Adorable, Brilliant and Charismatic.  Play along with Cutie as he tries his best to mimic each lesson with his unique and quirky twist to them.  

Jam packed with Adventurous, Bubbly and Cute characters, playful app designs, positive words and terrific tongue twisters.  The ending?   Well, let's just say, it's time to unplug and turn off the lights.

Published by KiKi & Kiddo    I    Story, Art & Apps by KiKi Han

Kids Love Gadgets & Books!

Children love both apps and printed books, so why not a traditional book with illustrations of a modern app?  The bright and beautiful tablet graphics and character designs will keep young children engaged as they turn each page with lessons on cuteness. 

How does Cutie's Alphabellies benefit & delight children?

•    It's Educational!   Teaches children their ABC's 
•    Extends Vocabulary.   It's jam packed with positive words.
•    Explore Animals.   Features animals from all over the world. 
•    Tablet Manners.   Teaches App download etiquette's.
•    Play Along.   The lessons are fun to mimic.
•    Time for some Zzz's.   It's a bedtime story.